Hi there! I'm Dori!

I help the creative and courageous grow confident with movement, clean eating, and self care so they can glow well in their health, performance, passions, and life.

Life isn't always easy when a "curve ball" shifts the course you planned on, but there is hope.

Feeling tired, run down, achy and exhausted kind of became the norm for me after I was in a car accident right before I turned 30. 

Can you say Plot Twist? You see. I've been a dancer/singer most of my life and was in the midst of pursuing my lifelong dream of performing professionally. 

But all of a sudden, I wasn't sleeping, I was getting sick all the time, I couldn't think clearly, my emotions were all over the place, and I was in pain All. The. Time.

Quickly spiraling out of control, I couldn't seem to "will" myself to feel better. My dreams of performing professionally quickly came to a crashing halt! It seemed as if all my hard work and passions were a distant memory as I struggled simply to get out of bed in the morning and to hold down a very part time job. (Like 5 hours a week!)

As one who had spent her entire life dancing, training, and conditioning, my body all of a sudden felt as if it was fighting against me. I didn't know how to cope with the loss of my health, let alone the loss of my dreams.

After briefly trying a prescription drug to get to sleep that didn't work at all, and determined to get my health and life back, I began researching everything I could on overcoming insomnia, immune issues, and chronic pain.

Quickly choosing to focus on improving the quality of my food choices as the first step to my recovery,I knew the body was capable of recovering if/when it was given what it needed.

I had always had a love/hate relationship with food. As a dancer, I had spent decades undereating and over-exercising, and I was realizing my body had no nutritional stores to help it deal with the physical and emotional stresses I was dealing with.

As I began to feed my body high quality food, I began to sleep a bit better. This transformation was gradual and continued to improve as I continued on my journey to building my depleted nutritional stores. As my body grew stronger, I started to have more energy. My sleep continued to improve. I had less chronic aches and pains. I didn't get sick near as often. I began to grow confident in my body, my health, and my dreams again.

My professional dreams shifted as I began to GLOW WELL: I continued to share my passion for the performing arts, but this time as a choreographer and educator.

Wanting to take my love of movement to a whole other level, I became a comprehensively certified pilates instructor. As both a dancer and one who struggled with chronic pain, I found this system incredibly beneficial for both my on stage experiences as well as in my personal health journey.

Lastly, so much of my own recovery stemmed from adopting a holistic lifestyle: Learning how to eat a whole foods diet, move my body efficiently and effectively, improving sleep habits, shifting my perception to stress, and learning how to build self-care into my regular daily life. This journey led to becoming a Transformational Nutrition Coach and Functional Health Coach.

So beautiful Glow Getter, if you've been hit with a "curve ball" and you are longing to grow confident in your body, your performance, you health.....know that you aren't alone. It is possible to Glow Well. I'm here to help you get there!

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Dori Harnly-Allwein is a comprehensively trained pilates instructor, musical theater choreographer, and transformational nutrition and functional health coach. She lives in Prescott, AZ with her husband and two beagle babies.

As a former musical theater performer and one who has overcome exhaustion and chronic pain after an injury, she works with both the creative and the courageous to grow more confident through movement, clean eating, and self care so they can glow well in their health, performance, passions, and life.


  • Comprehensively trained and certified pilates instructor
  • Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Functional Health Coach
  • Bachelor's Interdisciplinary Studies in dance, musical theater, and education

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