“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

– Joe Pilates

What You Can Expect

When you work in the studio with a comprehensively trained pilates instructor

-Tailored workouts just for your specific needs and goals
-An instructor with an eye for detail and helping you feel better in your body.
-Homework you can take home and practice when not in the studio.
-To be challenged and motivated in new and interesting ways
-To experience the method on each piece of equipment.
To begin to feel better in your body.

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Just you and your instructor

Get a fully tailored pilates workout just for you. In the Prescott studio or virtually.

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You, a friend, and your instructor

Experience the fun of pilates with a friend or partner. Workout as a duo with instruction tailored to your goals as a duo. At the prescott studio or virtually.

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Matwork. Barre. More.

Offering classes and workshops around Prescott and virtually.


Patricia W
Owner and Master Trainer, Suncoast Pilates

would highly recommend this dedicated, detail oriented hard worker. I have had the pleasure of employing Dori for the past four years as both a Comprehensively Trained Pilates Instructor and Barre Instructor. The clients at Suncoast Pilates truly miss Dori, and have expressed that she was extremely encouraging; detail oriented in her cueing and visualization and brought the best of client performance. Dori is a team player and infuses the entire studio with her friendly, outgoing attitude. She is extremely reliable and would be an asset to any working environment. Dori completed her entire Comprehensive Pilates Training Education under my tutelage at Suncoast Pilates, as I am a Balanced Body Pilates Faculty member and our studio is a Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training Facility. I had the pleasure of watching her grow as a Pilates instructor. She was also one of our first Barre instructors, and she teaches an extremely challenging, effective Barre class.

Darlene H

Dori is a knowledgeable, patient and kind instructor to work with. As an older client, I’ve had many whiplashes to my neck and also injured my right shoulder. Dori knew exactly what to do to help release tension in those muscles and joint areas. Thank you and looking forward to my next session.

Fran A

Dori is so detailed oriented and it helps me know how to hold my body and to get the most out of the exercises we are working on.

Beth V

I really enjoy coming to your class. You make me feel so much better- safe and capable! Thankyou so very much.

Stephanie T

Thankyou Dori. I can feel my shoulders working again.

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Comprehensively trained and certified.

Dori has been practicing pilates since the early 90s when she was first introduced to the method as a dance major in college. She quickly fell in love with the method. After using the method as part of her recovery from an injury sustained in a car accident, she knew she wanted to learn to teach this mind body movement system.

She trained and certified with Balanced Body University and was blessed to apprentice under the tutelage of Patricia Massey Welter, of Suncoast Pilates, in Florida. She has had the honor of participating in continuing education with Siri Dhama Galliano, Johnathan Hoffman, Loliata San Miguel, and Vil Shaynurov and continues to further her education on a regular basis.