Healthier Holiday Cookie Roundup!

The holiday season is right around the corner! And with it comes the many holiday traditions we all hold dear.  A big holiday tradition that I grew up with was BAKING! Lots and lots of baking! Cookies, fudge, pies……

The day after Thanksgiving my mom, my sister and I would spend the whole weekend baking dozens of sweet treats to wrap up and prepare to give away as gifts to our friends and family. It was such a wonderful time to bond and connect with them as we prepared to give away the goodies we had created.

After spending a few years not feeling well I chose to stop baking as I knew eliminating the many sweet ingredients my favorite holiday recipes was important to gaining my health back.

However, after a few years, I truly missed the holiday baking tradition. I had regained my health and set out to find “healthier” versions of my most favorite holiday goodies that I felt good about making, eating, and sharing with those I love.

So I am sharing with you today a holiday goodie roundup from some of my most favorite cookie recipes:

Sesame Tahini Cookies


Shortbread Cookies

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookie

The Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookie

So there you have it. Some of my most favorite go-to cookie recipes for the holidays. What are your favorites?


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