HOLIDAY GIFT FAVS: Wellness Gifts To Give

It’s that time of year again! A time when we gather with friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate the holidays.

It’s always fun to be able to give gifts to those we care about and appreciate. I thought I’d share some of my most favorite gift ideas to help you or a loved one Glow Well this holiday season.

Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you from some of the resources recommended below. You can read my full disclaimer here.


As a pilates instructor, I love encouraging everyone to move everyday. (On and off the mat/In and out of the studio). Below are some of my favorite pilates inspired gifts to help you or a loved one get moving:-)

FOAM ROLLER: Great accessory for releasing tense/sore areas, stretching, and building strength (depending on how you are using it)

PILATES CIRCLE: Great accessory to build strength and connection.

SMALL PILATES BALL: Great to add to workouts for release, connection and awareness, and to build strength

SMALL MASSAGE BALLS: Great for massaging feet, encouraging lymph flow, circulation…

PILATES SOCKS– Great for wearing during sessions, on the mat, or at the barre!

ACUPRESSURE SANDALS– I have personally been using and wearing these for about 5 years. They are fantastic for tired and achy feet. ( I love to wear them after a long day of dancing, staging, or teaching.) They are also great for circulation and “cold feet” and just to get a “mini massage” for your feet. Depending where you live, it may be a bit cold to wear them outside, but I highly recommend trying them for yourself or someone you love that could use this “foot therapy” in a shoe.

PRIVATE PILATES GIFT CERTIFICATE Choose any one of my pilates services and I will create a gift certificate for you to give to your favorite mover. My Fees and Services Need help deciding? Reach out! I’m happy to help!

12 DAYS TO HOLIDAY WELLNESS: Free wellness gifts sent directly to your inbox. Grab one for yourself and a friend.

I love sharing all the ways one can gift selfcare to those they care about. Self care is different for everyone, but when you can find a few ways to practice it, it goes a long way lowering your stress levels and improving your overall wellbeing.

SELFCARE BASKETS: I like to include items that will help to cultivate a sense of relaxation. Some of my favorite items to include are: calming music, dry skin brush, body scrub, body butter, epsom salt, face mask, overnight peel, moisturizer, lavender essential oil, and/or this calming and grounding oil.

SAFER BEAUTY GIFT SETS: I absolutely love using and sharing Beautycounter products. Here’s some of my favs:
The Best Of Beautycounter

The Glow and Go Minis

For The Men In Our Life

Lip Gloss Collection

Gorgeous Eyes

ESSENTIAL OILS: I love using essential oils to support my overall wellbeing. Two companies I love and trust for their oils are Doterra and Vibrant Blue Oils. Here’s some of my Favs for gift giving:

Stress Support Kit

Parasympathetic Blend

Athletes Kit

Emotions Support Kit

GIFT CARDS: Give gift cards for selfcare indulgence like massages, facials, or how about some private pilates sessions!

Looking for that perfect gift for a “health nut” or for one you hope begins to become a “health nut”? Below are some of my favorite real food cookbooks, wellness books, appliances, programs, etc.

Nourishing Traditions

Eat Fat Lose Fat

Practical Paleo

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

A Mind Of Your Own

The Truth About Beauty

HIGH POWERED BLENDER– This has changed the way I do real food and perfect for a brand new or professional “real foodie”. I have had mine for over 12 years and use it almost daily for smoothies, juices, soups, grinding seeds and grains, making homemade salad dressings, etc.

A HIGH QUALITY WATER FILTER– Not the sexiest gift, but very practical for anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing. Consuming clean filtered water is a super important step in feeling well.

GLASS STORAGE CONTAINERS– Getting rid of plastics is super important when one is trying to live naturally and also improve their overall health and wellbeing. A great place to start is replacing the commonly used plastic storage containers with glass containers. I’ve been using these for years.

MEAL PLANNING SERVICE– This is great if you or one you are gifting struggles to know what to make, meal after meal…with lots of different dietary types, it sure does help to get one started toward eating whole unprocessed food. Check it out.

So there you have it. My top lists of favorite gifts to give! (and to get:-) Not sure which type of gift suits what you are looking for? Reach out!I’m happy to make suggestions and to brainstorm additional movement/health/wellness gift ideas!

P.S. Have you grabbed your free gift? If not, grab my 12 Day Holiday Wellness Series. My gift to you this holiday season:-)